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What is right about America

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A Letter to the Editor that I discovered in West Chester's Daily Local: STUDENTS GETTING THE WRONG MESSAGE

When my husband left for work at 5:30 a.m., I was saddened to think that a portion of his hard-earned salary would be used to pay Mr. Staub for indoctrinating another generation of “blame America first” pinheads. You will note the “research” provided the students were the New York Times (the paper that tipped off Osama bin Laden that we were tracking him via his cell phone; outlined, complete with pictures, the vulnerable areas in our soldiers’ uniforms, etc.) and an unnamed radio program — Air America? We live in the greatest country in the world. The students should be learning the following: Japanese internment occurred following the most vicious attack on our country prior to 9/11. Like the current radical Islamists, the Japanese followed no rules of engagement. Kamikaze pilots were as ruthless as the current homicide bombers. These are the parallels to be drawn. The “enemy” combatants held at Guantanamo Bay, who were picked up on the battlefield, are provided extraordinary privileges. Most are unwanted by their own countries because they were engaged in a war that represented no country. They wear no uniform and honor no code of military conduct. It is for these reasons that they have no standing under the Geneva Conventions. Yet, the ACLU and other groups would confer the rights of U.S. citizens upon them. The students should be learning about the beheading of innocent people, (for starters, Daniel Pearl because he was Jewish); the brutality of these combatants, the mass graves uncovered in Iraq, pictures of the dead Kurdish babies gassed by Saddam Hussein; and exploring the possibility that the caravan seen by the satellite exiting Iraq and entering Syria in the days leading up to the war contained the mobile labs of WMD. Americans do not do these things. America is not the enemy. We have liberated more people in the world than any other country [author note: 25 million in under two years] and have provided unprecedented aid to those in need. This is what the “children” should be learning in our American schools. No doubt Mr. Staub is concerned about our status in the world as well. Suspend American aid tomorrow and see how quickly they love us again. God help America as the enemy is within ... on our televisions and in our newspapers, televisions, courts and classrooms! Anne Flood Glen Mills
Every Saturday you can witness what is right in America as members of the Chester County Victory Movement hold a pro-victory rally to counter what is truly wrong with America - a peace protesters who have a habit of labeling soldiers as baby-killers, and whose leader considers veterans as nothing more than 'jackbooted-thugs'. This coming Saturday Jan 12th - the peace protesters are planning a skit - in orange suits and black hoods - to show "abuse" of terrorists (is that pathetic?). The Chester County Victory Movement will be there to document and counter this perverse display of whom the peace protesters mean when they state they 'support the troops'.

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