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West Chester Rally 01/26/2008

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The always bold and beautiful members of the Chester County Victory Movement! Three cheers for the Sheepdogs! Our good compatriot NeoCon has delivered yet again an astounding collection of photos - be shocked and awed - HERE

Another sweet day at the steps of the West Chester Courthouse, where patriots faced off against an aging lot of peace protesters. The rally included highlights of a winter soldier obfuscating and Grant denying all. The rally ended at the Iron Hill Brewery, where I was able to connect Grant with an Iraq Liberation veteran who was interested in setting a story straight.

26th PA Regiment Organization

Organized at Philadelphia April 20, 1861. Mustered in May 27, 1861 (a detachment attacked in streets of Baltimore April 19, 1861).

26th PA Regiment Medal of Honor Recipient

ROOSEVELT, GEORGE W.: Chester, First Sergeant, Company K. 26th Pennsylvania Infantry. Bull Run, Va., 30 August 1862. Gettysburg, Pa. 2 July, 1863. Citation given: 2 July 1887. At Bull Run, Va., recaptured the colors, which had been seized by the enemy. At Gettysburg captured a Confederate color bearer and color, in which effort he was severely wounded.

No Veterans for Peace were involved in this action.

The Policy of Truth:

Dialog With A Veteran:

NeoCon captures the intrepid blogger behind MidnightBlue mugging for the camera :

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