Today's edition of the ongoing saga of the West Chester Pro Victory Rally covers the lengths in which the peace protester will go to show their solidarity and support of terrorists worldwide. The peace protesters in their own special way have clarified which troops they are referring to when they proclaim "We support the 'troops' - don't you know".

An interesting factoid regarding the orange jumpsuits modeled by the peace protesters is that the color represents the most dangerous criminal detainee at Gitmo. These are detainees that pose the most threat to American soldiers guarding them. Perhaps it is rightly so that members of the Chester County Peace Movement sport the this jumpsuit as well, sending the message that they are just as dangerous to the American soldier.

Our presence twisted the panties of the membership of Veterans For Peace. There was a moment when a female member of the CCVM was shoved by an elder VFP member - perhaps he was attempting to cop a feel - it is not like any of them are popular with the ladies.

Hmmm..these two peace protesters are sending mixed messages with their respective signs. Could it be that one of them showed up at the wrong rally? Is this a visual representation of the schizophrenic mentality of peace protesters or are they having a Kerry moment where they did not support Christianity before deciding to support Christianity?

The Chester County Victory Movement was up to the task to counter the street performance by the peace protesters. Bravo, my friends, Bravo!

You know the video will be kick ass...

The first of two videos created to document Saturday's rally in West Chester. The first video that I present for your viewing pleasure contains two interviews with members of the Chester County Victory Movement. They were kind enough to share their thoughts on the meaning of the International Day to Shut Down Gitmo:

UPDATE: In order to give you a fair and balanced look at last Saturday's rally, I present the following report from the other side:

Note: I've got some photo's of the event but couldn't get them posted.

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