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The Constitution and Dogsitting...

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I hope you like the cell phone photo pictured above. It is the only photo I have of the drama that occurred in front of the Independence Center on Sunday. In an unfortunate circumstance, I managed to leave my camera battery in its charger at home and a nearby Jack's Camera Shop was closed. I was compelled to use my backup option - the video camera.

What was going on in the City of Brotherly Love on Sunday that caused me to run out without my battery?

Chris Hill, National Director of the Gathering Of Eagles summed up the events in his own style:

On Sunday, 30 December, 2007 , the Veteran’s for Peace (the old holdovers from VVAW), Code Pink, the usual assortment of leftists and one poor IVAW vet assembled in Philadelphia to call for impeachment of both the President and Vice President. This pathetic assemblage was led by Bill Perry, Vietnam vet and “Winter Soldier” participant. I have included Bill’s testimony below so you can see exactly whom we are up against. Although we were out-numbered 5 or 6 to one, we made our voices heard and were able to rain on their little America hate-fest. Perry even threw the microphone to the ground when I read his “Winter Soldier” testimony aloud, and the chants of “Soldiers died when Perry lied!” rang out. Several people from the weekly West Chester , PA action joined us, as did a Marine who was just walking by. A number of passers by, including a Blue Star mom, stopped to thank us for not letting these miscreants go unopposed. Never underestimate the power of a few, hearty, extremely loud patriots when we assemble under the flag. It is simply time to take these people on whenever and wherever they gather; no matter the numbers you can muster.

I planned on meeting Bill Perry to pass along some information that he might find interesting. After my successful meeting, I decided to stay undercover. It worked so well, I wound up dog sitting for one of the scheduled speakers. Seriously. He brought his two adopted greyhounds and had no one to watch them while he spoke to the small crowd. So there I was...in moonbat land...dogsitting.

Of course, what rally report would be complete without a video:

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