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Code Pink Christmas Greetings....

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While Americans send Christmas and Hannuka cards to our troops, others give IED's.

Shamlessly copied from Free Republic Kristinn Taylor reports on Code Pink's latest donation to the cause:

"In a reprise of its notorious December 2004 delivery of $600,000 in cash and humanitarian aid to the 'other side' in the then al Qaeda controlled Iraqi city of Fallujah as American forces were fighting to liberate the city from the terrorists, the anti-American group Code Pink is again raising money to send to an al Qaeda stronghold in Iraq.

Several weeks ago, Code Pink announcedtheir plan to solicit money from their membership to send to Nineveh province under guise of aiding "Iraqi orphans, widows and internally displaced people."

It just so happens that Nineveh province is where al Qaeda and Iraqi insurgents have recently regroupedafter having been routed from Anbar province and Baghdad.

Code Pink says it will not name who they are dealing with in Iraq because "They work under the radar so we need to keep them anonymous..."

A message from Code Pink's contact in Iraq states,"Our organization has succeeded in opening a new branch in the north in Nineveh Province. We now have five branches. We also have arranged a special medical clinic that provides free services for widows & orphans in Abu-Ghraib. We have enough funds to run this clinic for three months and hope to receive more financial assistance to keep it going. We are walking a long and difficult road in Iraq and try to focus on the good we can do for people here so we don't feel hopeless. Thank you to the women of CODEPINK for your continuous work to bring freedom and peace to my country." Clinics that cater to widows and orphans are not normally operated 'under the radar', unless those operating them are using them for nefarious purposes.

Given that Code Pink rejects the legitimacy of the freely elected Iraqi government and has endorsed the terrorists trying to destroy that government, there can be little doubt that Code Pink is once again funneling aid to our terrorist enemies in Iraq so that they can continue to kill American soldiers and free Iraqis.

Code Pink's statement on its fundraiser: "When you donate to CODEPINK this week, half the proceeds will go toward assisting Iraqi women and children, and half will go toward funding our continuing actions on Capitol Hill. Your donation will work to end the occupation and help repair the awful damage this military misadventure has wrought."

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