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Christmas 2007

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Found this gem over at Town Hall:
A Grown-Up Letter to Santa Claus
Jessica deGraffenreid

Dear Santa,

I’m a little old to be writing to you, but I believe in the magic of Christmas, so maybe you can help me. You see, my list isn’t very long, but it’s ambitious. I’m asking for some big things this year.

Peace on Earth, you ask? No, as long as there are people who live in the shadow of tyranny and have never felt the breeze of freedom cross their faces, asking for peace really means asking for peace for myself. I would be asking that you not bother me with the stories of famine in Zimbabwe, infanticide in China, and the repression of women under Islamist regimes. I would be asking that you leave me alone with my SUVs, restaurants, and a press so free it can slander the President daily. So I’m not asking for peace on Earth.

How about goodwill towards men? No, I don’t wish goodwill on the men who orchestrated the events of September 11, 2001. (I actually wish them some thermobaric Hellfire missiles, but I don’t think you’re in the weapons industry.) The Bible says to love thy neighbor. But if my “neighbors” are threatening the security of my country then I’ll consider it an act of love to hope that the fist of the mightiest nation in the history of the world comes slamming down to stop their evil plans. There are too many evil people in the world to issue a blanket statement of goodwill.

This year I wish first for courage for our brave troops who serve on the front lines of battle in the interests of our national security and the advancement of democracy. Imagine what a young Marine feels when he picks up the newspaper that professes to hold “all the news that’s fit to print” and the headlines scream anti-war rhetoric daily. Imagine what he will think when that same newspaper, and even members of his own Congress, call for troop withdrawal from Iraq. Give him courage to stand proud with the knowledge that his fight is a good one regardless of what the media elites have to say. But also give our military the courage to stand day after day as the next generation of the long thin line guarding our freedom.

Please send the gift of wisdom to our public servants. This includes sending a briefing on the difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims to the members of Congress. Last year, the then-new Pelosi-appointed head of the House Intelligence Committee did not even know the difference. President Bush will also need some guidance over the next year to fight off America’s enemies if he is to navigate the rocky waters in Congress.

And for the American people, may they know the proud heartbreak of sacrifice. Santa, I know you were there during the World Wars when urban and suburban Americans grew Victory Gardens that resulted in 40% of all the produce consumed in the United States. Those patriots were not afraid to sacrifice for the good of the war effort. They got their hands dirty and toiled in gardens so that the then-War Department could buy food more cheaply for our military troops. This year, amidst the Playstations and Barbie dolls, plant a thought of sacrifice into the minds of our young people.

And if you’re still looking for a few stocking stuffers, I have some ideas: prayer in public schools (or public places for that matter) because freedom of religion is a founding principle of our country, get more states to follow Gov. Mitt Romney’s lead in training state troopers to work alongside the federal government in immigration enforcement, and for the American people to remember former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as a hero who did his best during the years he could have spent in retirement instead of a warmonger.

Fly safely, Santa, and Merry Christmas.

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