Photo flashback to September 22, 2007 - when I first encountered this 'stop the war' bumpersticker defacing city property:

Fast forward to December 8, 2007 and you can see the dramatic decline in appearance of this same bumpersticker - In a few weeks it will become barely recognizable - just like the waning of the 'end the war now' campaign.

Do we also thank the veterans who traveled with Global Exchange to give aid to 'the other side' in Fallujah?

Now this is what I call a flag! It is a replica of the flag of the 27th Pennsylvania Regiment. The patriot who held this flag commented that his grandfather served in the regiment, and that he commissioned a replica of the flag to honor the memory of his grandfather.

It took the peace protestors weeks to figure out that they might want to display a non-defaced US flag - since they support the troops, don't you know.

There is a video in production for this rally which I hope to complete later this week. It will be well worth the wait, my dear readers.

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