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Friday's Musings

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Rich Davis reports on last week's rally and after party in West Chester.

The Junkman reports on the non-consensus of IPCC scientists:

The “climate consensus” notion functions primarily as a marketing tool for converting the public to a political viewpoint, rather than as a valid scientific approach toward understanding global warming. But even then, the survey indicates that the claimed IPCC consensus is not nearly as monolithic as we’ve been led to believe.

John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel comes out of the Global Warming closet:

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM.

Michael Yon spoke with Hugh Hewitt:

...today we heard a different side of Michael Yon. He was as upbeat and optimistic as we've ever heard him. He's been all over Iraq during the last several months, and reported that even in Baghdad, hope, peace, reconstruction, support and even appreciation for what our military has done for the Iraqi populace is breaking out all over.

When we will get a mea culpa from the Democratic leadership and the supporters of the Chester County Peace Movement?

For all the folks who are truly invested in peace, check out Yon's photo of Muslims and Christians working together to place a cross atop the newly reopened St John's Church in Baghdad.

One more Michael Yon note: He shoots with Canon and Nikon. I think I'm crushing on him!

The citizens of Philadelphia have spoken and voted for more of the same: Michael Nutter is now the newly minted mayor-elect for the city of brotherly love. While police officers were gunned down in our streets, he ran election commericals that promised to hold Bush&Cheney accountable. Like I mentioned earlier, more of the same....

While on the subject of liberal bias:

The debate is over. A consensus has been reached. No, not on global warming...see above. On how democrats are favored on television, radio and in the newspapers

The Writers Guild of America is still on strike. Does this mean BSG season 4's start date will be pushed farther into eternity? Will anyone still care??

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