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Chester County Victory Rally

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Another blissful Saturday spent on the steps of the Chester County Courthouse. It is such a pleasure to record the events as they unfold each Saturday and I look forward to many, many more such days. There was a marked difference in the mood of this weekly convergence of opinions - the atmosphere seemed quite jovial and light. Perhaps it was the change in musical entertainment - our grass roots band was replaced with a high tech boom box.

The right side of this debate brimmed with energy, laughter and American flags. One of the good guys offered a small American flag to Karen Porter. The gesture was met with a stony rejection from Karen. It must be noted that there were NO American flags held by any of the peace-protesters today.

Color me unsurprised.

Ever the dictator, Karen demanded that Rich arrange for the removal of our signs from the steps of the Courthouse with no mention of the removal of her signs sitting next to ours. Rich considered the demand, then promptly ignored it. Not to be outdone, a Karen-groupie attempted to express the Quaker/liberal understanding of 'free speech', otherwise known as censorship. During Karen's end of rally speech, a groupie attempted to block my video by repeatedly placing his 'peace' sign in front of my miniDV. Dipstick. Now I've got video proof of active liberal censorship. It gets better and better with each visit to this rally! All I have to do is sit back, grab the camera and miniDV and let their own words and actions condemn them. FYI: Melissa and Chris were no-shows at this rally - Color me unsurprised - again!




Richard (NeoCon) took time to return to this rally, he generously printed photos of last week's event, and distributed them to the gathered crowd. His photo gallery of this Saturday can be found HERE

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