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Surge Notes

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BAGHDAD — Iraq and U.S. Forces sent a message to local Iraqis during a recent Cooperative Medical Engagement held here near Camp Victory.

The CME targeted Iraqis living in the nearby Iraqi Family Village and
was held by Task Force Vigilant, Task Force 62, a medical brigade from Fort Lewis, Wash. and 210th Brigade Support Battalion.“The Soldiers of Task Force Vigilant can be very proud of their efforts in setting the conditions under which over 20 Iraqi doctors, dentists, and medics could successfully treat over 600 local residents,” said Army Maj. Celestino Perez, commander of TF Vigilant.

“This type of mission is important in being able to rebuild a bridge
between the Iraqi Army and U.S. Army from one side with the Iraqi civilians on the other side,” said Brig. Gen. Mahde, surgeon, Iraqi Ground Forces Command. “Through the good cooperation of many American units and the (IGFC), we are able to provide good healthcare to all the people of IraqiFamily Village.”

Mahde was one of several doctors onsite providing medical care to
patients. According to Army Col. Patrick Sargent, commander, TF 62, the
operation was led by the Iraqis with the United States playing a smaller role as coordinators.

“The interesting thing about this is we actually have Iraqi Army physicians
and some physicians from the Ministry of Health supporting this operation,”
Sargent said. “They are in the lead. We just provided the location and

Doctors and dentists worked diligently throughout the day, seeing more
than 500 patients and performing 27 dental operations. In addition to receiving medical care, each villager departed with goods – from bookbags and school supplies for the kids to clothing and hygiene items for the adults. “There are a lot of families here who don’t have jobs and can’t afford to purchase many items, so they came here,” chief of IFV, Yahya Murad Mahmood, said. Mahde said he believes the CME and future operations will do more than provide a quick fix to the Iraqis’ short term needs.

“Future Iraqi endeavors like this operation will move us ever closer to
a strong, unified Iraq,” said Perez.

Freedom Facts:

Completed Gulf Region Division water treatment projects have provided the capacity to serve an additional 2.2 million Iraqis with potable water. At the end of the program, the added capacity could serve approximately 5.2 million Iraqis with potable water.

What has al-queda done for Iraq?

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