I was a tired blogger when I filmed this vlog. The video was shot with the Canon ZR-830, the lighting was whatever light I had turned on and natural sunlight.

This Gathering of Eagles had quite a different tone than the past two events. The Eagles certainly got the attention of Code Pink and ANSWER, and I'm curious to see how these groups respond. You know it is quite rude to throw a party then show up two hours late! As in March, the moonbats were scarce on the mall prior to their march. An excuse given for the lateness of their march was of a delay on the metro's Orange and Blue lines. Funny, the Orange line was working well when we traveled from the hotel to the Mall. I also heard reports of a 'soup kitchen' set up to give anyone who showed up a sandwich and a lovely yellow sign to carry around that day.

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As promised, I posted my photos to Flickr for your perusal. In less than an hour of posting the photos, I had my first moonbat commentor. Oh let the fun begin!

Skye posing for a photo with Michelle Malkin

My YouTube video:

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