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Enough is Enough

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John Boehner is the Republican Minority Leader for the House of Representatives penned an article outlining the abuses of the true dictatorial party in this nation. As much as the Dems engineered theft of the 215-213 vote Thursday night on the Republican motion denying taxpayer benefits to illegal individuals who violate the laws of this country annoys me - I see this as another step towards a Republican victory in 2008.

My friends: the Democrats’ ticket is being punched.

They stuck pork-barrel spending for peanuts and spinach on a bill meant to fund American troops in harm’s way.

They created slush funds for secret earmarks, attempting to spend billions of taxpayer dollars without transparency.

They jammed “green pork” accounts into the energy tax bill, allowing taxpayer funds to be used to subsidize things like Lexus Hybrids in Beverly Hills and putting copies of Al Gore’s book in children’s classrooms.

They voted to look the other way when the Speaker’s own choice for majority leader broke House rules by threatening a Republican member who dared to challenge an illegitimate earmark.

They stonewalled lobbying reforms that require lobbyists to disclose taxpayer-funded earmarks for which they’re lobbying Congress, repealed Republican reforms requiring earmarks in tax and authorizing to be publicly disclosed and subject to challenge on the House floor, and killed legislation requiring taxpayer-funded state and local government lobbyists from following the congressional gift ban as they lobby for pork.

Bad behavior breeds bad behavior. Who says Democrats don't act like communists?

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