July 24th:The Mother of Casey Sheehan hosts "American Hatefest - Philly Style".

Well, I'm sure that was what the Metro really wanted to title this report. It is interesting to note the number of Eagles reported by the author Josh Cornfield is this little expose:

While Lutz and about 15 others from the Gathering of Eagles made sure to have their voices heard, yesterday’s rally in front of the Independence Visitors Center was for the most part a chance for orange-clad protesters to let the world know they think Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should be impeached.
Chris Hill ,GOE National Director for Operations, made the following observations about the events of the day.
It was a win, pure and simple.

By the time Cindy arrived we numbered around 40 and the opposition was around 100. That, of course, meant they were completely out-numbered. With air horns and loud voices we challenged Cindy as she took the place of dishonor. Within a minute she was directly responding to my challenges, and 2 to 5 minutes later she was gone, citing security concerns.

The weather was perfect, the brothers and sisters amazing. Eagle Tom Murtha, a Marine who served a year in Korea and better than three tours in Vietnam, summed up the day with a perfect retort to a challenge of, “Why don’t you join the Army if you like the war so much?”

“Lady,” he replied, “I’m a Marine who has 4 years of combat service, and you ain’t doing to these guys what you did to us.” No my brothers and sisters, they will not. Manchu.

Unable to counter the Eagles present at the Constitution Center, the anti-everything protesters scurried away to take position at Broad and Vine Streets - just in time for me to bump into them after work. It was a tough day to be a moonbat. As you can see in the photos below, their numbers were thin to the point of being anorexic. One could not ignore the air of depression and despair around this few stalwarts - they simply did not look happy or sane.

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