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Philly City Council Evicts Boy Scouts

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Robert Knight reports on the eviction notice Philadelphia City Council sent to the Boy Scouts of America:

The murder rate is on the rise, and gangs make some areas unsafe even in the daytime. It’s no secret that fatherless, undisciplined boys are the main reason the streets are deadly.

Can we call Philly a quagmire, now? It is safer to walk the streets of Baghdad than in Philly.

So it was that on May 31, the real-life City Council, without debate, and under pressure from an organization that promotes the rights of “sexual minorities,” stabbed the Scouts in the back. They voted 16 to 1 to break a 79-year-old agreement allowing the Cradle of Liberty Council of the Boy Scouts to occupy a building in a city park. The Scouts built the building in 1928, and turned it over to the city in exchange for a rent-free lease “in perpetuity.” Apparently, “perpetuity” in Philadelphia now means, “until gay groups boot you out.” The Scouts can stay only if they will open their ranks to open homosexuals.

This antagonistic action does not serve the gay and lesbian community in Philadelphia well. You want support for your cause - don't act like fascists.

A truly open and tolerant society has a place for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts AND Gay Scouts. To bad that society doesn't exist in Philadelphia.


On a lighter note: Despite Philadelphia achieving the status of "Murder Capitol of the World", booing Santa, and giving the Boy Scouts the boot; Philly is a great place for outdoor activities as seen in the video below.

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