What more can I add..this above sign says it all regarding winning the war on terror. We should all email a copy of this image to Congress. Perhaps they will get a clue.

I love this concept: Sending postcards of love and support to our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The simply amazing woman behind this project has a son serving in Afghanistan and wanted to find a way to show him that the citizens of the US are supportive of the mission he is being tasked to complete. She show up at venues, distributes donated postcards (printed in Canada) to participants of the event. After she collects the postcards and prior to mailing them to Afghanistan , she photocopies the messages and creates a binder to give to the organization as a thank you gesture. Now why can't liberals be this thankful - instead of just hateful?

I wish I could recall this country-western singer's name. She did have a great voice and the crowd was appreciative. It was a pleasant, moonbat free day - don't I wish all days could be this way.

Big Dog and Kit Jarrell hamming it up for this blog post. Big Dog is in a class all to himself, I was happy to spend some quality time with him. Kit is an amazingly talented singer who performed an original piece at this event. You can listen to the first chorus of the song on YouTube.


As I mentioned above, this was a moonbat free day. Like they would every attempt to mess with these guys...

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