WARNING: The following blog post is intentionally image heavy. If you have dial up internet access- then it sucks to be you.

Happy Memorial Day to all my friends, family and bloggers. I hope you spent the day enjoying the freedoms that were purchased by our veterans, POW's and KIA's. To those serving today:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I encountered this interestingly decorated individual at the original GOE get together this past March 17th and was happy to see his return this weekend. I chatted with him briefly and discovered that he makes a habit showing up in this guise at pro-American events. A fellow Eagle was astute enough to capture on video an interview with our own Captain America. You can view the video HERE

This sign pretty much sums up the problem we are facing today with a DNC controlled (barely) Congress.

Speaking of the media - pictured above is a veteran being interviewed by a producer from NBC. I did not see any media representatives from CNN or Fox. CSPAN sent two videographers to tape the presentation for a 5pm broadcast on Saturday. The parked their behinds and their gear on the street above the steps leading to the Reflecting Pool. The following day both Dale and I noticed the CSPAN guys switched spots and were parked 10 steps away from the stage. Dale asked why they were on the road Saturday and only 1 flight of stairs away on Sunday - the cable guy responded by saying they are were the park service told them to be. Hmmm..Dale has a recording of this conversation, and I will try to get a copy of this. I will comment that being closer to the stage leaves most of the crowd out of the frame, farther away brings more of the audience into the frame.

Interesting media tidbit #2 - I'm not sure if anyone watching CSPAN saw this group of veterans pictured above. The videographers were no more than 10 feet behind where I stood to take this fuzzy photo. At one point, the group spanned the entire steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I believe they were assembled there for at least 20 minutes before disbanding. Just thought I'd share this with you all as some food for thought.

I'll end this installment of my adventures in DC with a few more photos of proud Americans.


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