I’m tired, yet at the same time thoroughly invigorated by what I witnessed today. For many Americans, Memorial Day is time set aside to remember and honor those who have fallen so we might have the freedom and luxuries of a holiday to enjoy. This Memorial Day is laced with a deeper meaning as I remember a fallen family member - Jeffrey Toczylowski.

The sunshine and heat were a welcome change from the cold of March. The Mall was much quieter today without the loony moonbats who made such a scene this past March 17th. The Mall was decorated in the colors of Red, White and Blue as families and veterans traveled from all over to spend the day at the Mall enjoying the sunshine and remembering who made this day possible. I had the opportunity to talk briefly with some of the participants in this event and expressed my gratitude to those who served or are serving this beautiful country.

I cannot express in mere words my admiration of the quality and commitment of the Americans I met today. All were here to honor our soldiers on this day. Whether we came from big cities or country towns, we all share a common love of country and profound respect for those who serve to protect this nation.

Little Madison tells the world what she thinks as she stands next to one of the most famous comments of Gen. Patton. And yes, her parents believe her future is worth fighting for. I wonder what do liberals see when they gaze at their children?

Kristinn Taylor of Free Republic spoke to the gathered crowds remarking on data points that are usually overlooked in the home front battle in the War on Terror. I managed to capture on video some key points from his speech and posted it on YouTube.

As I have mentioned, it was a HOT day - apparently in more ways than one. This photo adds to the body of knowledge supporting the theory conservatives make better lovers.

Take a close look at the tattoo? Very Cool.

Will this body art catch on with the more liberally inclined? Who knows, although, it would be an endless source of amusement if Rosie were to sport an "I heart Hilary" tattoo.


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