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Open Letter to Congress

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It is to my great shame as an American and Democrat to witness this Senator abandon our soldiers and the citizens of Iraq. Senator Reid's ill measured comments signal to the world and more importantly to terrorists that America can be beaten without much effort. It sends a clear message to the Iraqis and oppressed civilians worldwide that America will not support your struggle to end tyranny and foment democracy. The last time the Senate acted in such a manner, over 3 million people died. The US cut and ran from Southeast Asia without a surrender plan, and in our wake, millions were put to death. If the words of Senator Reid become reality, I have no doubt that the world will witness a return of the ‘killing fields’ in Iraq.

Adding insult to injury, Democratic senators have put forth a bill that will be felt most keenly by our troops in Iraq. These valiant men and women will begin to run short of ammunition, armor, replacement parts and vehicles, food and medical supplies. It will become more difficult to replace the wounded and rotate troops out of combat. The terrorists, whom our soldiers defeat daily and burdened no such hardships, will have increased opportunity to kill civilians and soldiers with impunity.

The actions of Senator Reid and the DNC controlled Congress reveal an indifference to how many innocent people are butchered as they claim “concern" for US soldiers. The cost of the liberation of Iraq has been held as a reason for ending this war. Does the cost of surrender include $74 million for peanut storage, $252 million for dairy interests, and $25 million for spinach? Just because one loses a battle, doesn't mean the War is lost! If Senators such as Harry Reid were in charge of WWII, we definitely would have lost the war before we had a chance to win it!

Give troop surge a chance, it's only been in effect for a few months. It's too early to quit and run! There are approximately 30M Iraqis and approximately 300M Americans, we can win this war by the numbers, not to mention we have a higher kill-ratio than the insurgents.

Congress has the power to declare war on another country, but our President is the one who decides to end it – NOT CONGRESS - NOT SENATOR REID. Our President has indicated that when the Iraqis can stand up, we will stand down. Once the Iraqis have enough training that they can defend their own country, we can pull out. Giving the President and the troops all the support in both funding and words would truly end the war, not just because congress said so, but with victory.

Victory is what American’s want, not repeats of a sunny day in September. On the anniversary of the liberation of Iraq, an organization called the Gathering of Eagles, organized tens of thousands of American citizens to counter the message of defeat broadcast during the Anti War/ Anti America demonstrations.

Were you listening?

Sincerely Yours,

Democrat AND Voter

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