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Soaring Eagles

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The Gathering Of Eagles.

It was a gathering like no other that I have attended. The Eagles soared and the AW/AA crowd took notice despite the media attempts to ignore the Eagles.

Motoring from Philly during a rain/sleet/hail storm that seemed relentless on a Friday afternoon. I wondered what was to become of this rally as I made my way south on I-95. Jack was real trooper in the near whiteout motoring conditions and I arrived safely at the hotel in Arlington.

I’d like to acknowledge those bloggers who stood with me during this Pro-American rally organized by The Gathering of Eagles in DC.


Grizzly Mama

The City Troll

Cajun Tiger



Steve's Hodgepodge

Maries Two Cents

A big thank you goes to Mike Miller, author of Mike’s America. Without his support and guidance, my ‘liveblogging’ experiment would not have gotten off the ground.

I'd also like promote a product at this time: The Motorola Razr V3
My Razr was inadvertently dropped at least 10 times during this rally and continued to work perfectly - no dropped calls and the camera worked without fail. This cell phone has garnered the MidnightBlue seal of approval. Stop what you are doing and get one NOW!

Now..on to the story!

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