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A New Day Has Risen

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Saturday morning arrived with an early wakeup call from CJ, informing me he was on his way to the hotel. 45 minutes later – a record for me – I was dressed and heading towards the hotel lobby to meet CJ. Monica and Troll were en route to the hotel so it was only a matter of time before we headed out to the Mall. CJ and I met quite a few interesting individuals who were participating in this pro-American rally. One couple flew in from Germany in order to take part in this event! One of the veterans gathered in the lobby presented CJ with a unique gift of lip moisturizer that contained a special added ingredient of bacon oil. The moisturizer is a perfect gift to give to your jihadi friends here and abroad. The City Troll reported for duty a day out of surgery with his arm in a sling and his fingers stained a greenish-blue from the antiseptic used during the procedure. I remarked to Monica how the coloration really suited the Troll.

It was a brisk, C-O-L-D day at the Mall. Holy cow, it was frakking COLD and quite muddy at the GOE staging area and in ANSWERS bullpen. Thankfully, my boots, not the monuments were the only casualty of this weekend.

My first impression of the staging area was of the hundreds of American Flags on display and the number of people assembled there so early in the morning. I knew then and there this was no typical gathering. Today a new day dawned for those who understand the price of freedom.

In addition to liveblogging this event, and meeting up with bloggers that I greatly admire, I wanted to use this opportunity to work on my photojournalism skills. I envisioned myself as an East Coast Zombie capturing images ignored by the MSM. If you haven’t viewed his work, I suggest you do so after reading my report. Little did I know that on this day I would meet a character from the Zombie photo chronicles here in DC.

CJ and I walked over to the staging ground of A.N.S.W.E.R and company. One the first things that jumped out, besides the derth of supporters in the ANSWER bullpen, was the collection of media vans lined up alongside the protestor’s camp. Fox News and Channel 7 news vans were parked and their crews were busy setting up equipment.

Below is a close up crop of the same picture reveals the Impeach Bush tents. Note the direction the camera is pointed.

After a few moments of picture taking, we headed back to the GOE staging area in order to listen to Kit from Euphoric Reality sing the National Anthem.

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