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BSG: Maelstrom

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Kara's past comes back to haunt her when Adama has doubts about her fitness for duty.

Thoughts on Maelstrom:

There is two scenarios as to what will happen to Starbuck in Maelstrom.

1. The character is killed - permanently. The acting credits aired on the next episode "The Son Also Rises" will not include the character killed in Malestrom.

2. The character is thought to be dead, but is actually MIA. Another major character is killed off - Kara's "death" is really just a foiler.

Per Patriot Resource: "Ronald D. Moore has said since the first season that he feels that the Starbuck/Apollo relationship is central to the show. The two characters and their dance have been front and center much of the time throughout Season 2.5 and Season 3.0."

However, based upon season 3's character assassination of Kara and the love triangle + 1 interference, I would not put it past RDM write Kara out of the series all together. Without the Kara/Lee dynamic, watching BSG would be like watching '24' with the character of Jack Bauer permanently removed from the series.

Either scenario sucks, as it tampers with the core dramatic chemistry of the show. Season 3 has been at first an undisguised attack on the Iraq War, followed by cheap soap opera plotlines, character assassination (Kara), making everyone a racist, then everyone's a victim of child abuse and now classwarfare with Gaius Baltar as a pseudo-Karl Marx and Bill Adama as a strike busting cop. I fully admit that I'm right of center on my politics, I've accepted some of the more liberal themes of the show but adding a soap opera "Love" triangle + 1 and the departure of a character that added an overwhelming amount of dramatic juice to the show, I have little desire to bother putting up with the series after "Maelstrom".

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