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BSG: Dirty Hands

Posted by Skye |

After an accident nearly kills President Roslin, Chief Tyrol defies Admiral Adama to demand safer working conditions throughout the fleet - and inadvertently makes himself the rallying point for a strike.

Pre-episode viewing thoughts:

Safer working conditions?? How is that in the realm of possibility? The remnants of humanity are cobbled together in random collection of ships, without any consistent resource for supplies, parts or people and fleeing from a cylon threat of annihilation. No worries, people - a unionized labor force will solve all these problems, right?

Radar O'dualla is STILL Lee's coworker..uhm, wife - whatever.

Baltar had time to write a novel that has gained popularity among the survivors - A Colonial version of a New York Times bestseller.

T-minus-1 episode before BSG jumps the shark with the death of Starbuck and the continued coworker,er, marriage arrangement of Lee and Dualla.

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