10:05 PM

They eat their young, too..

Posted by Skye |

Chanting "de-escalate, investigate, troops home now," the protesters disrupted a briefing aimed at outlining priority goals when Democrats take over the House and Senate on Thursday.

The mother of Casey Sheehan, an anti-war activist and mother of a soldier who died in Iraq, led the group to Capitol Hill to warn Democrats that party activists expect them to end the war in Iraq and confront the White House on a change in Iraq strategy.

"We didn't put you in power to work with the people that have been murdering hundreds of thousands of people since they have been in power," Sheehan said. "We put you in power to be opposition to them finally and we're the ones who put them in power."

According Mother Fascist, the democrats role is to simply act as obstructionists in this government? Nothing new there, so much for their 'Change for America' platform - its sounding more and more like 'same tune, different day'. This Democratic Senate and Congress debut is like watching a train wreck...I can't look away.

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