*Reaches for TUMS*

This makes sane Democrat women cringe....

When my colleagues elect me as speaker on Jan. 4, we will not just break through a glass ceiling, we will break through a marble ceiling," said Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is set to lead the House when the Democrats take over Thursday.

"In more than 200 years of history, there was an established pecking order _ and I cut in line."

Sane female Democrats and sister feminists worldwide should be disgusted by the recent remarks of the newly minted Speaker of the House. This past Wednesday, at a tea party to honor Pelosi and the late former Texas governor Ann Richards, Pelosi noted:

“ In more than 200 years of history, there was an established pecking order _ and I cut in line."

Instead of acknowledging the years of work, which culminated in her nomination and selection as the first female Speaker of the House, Pelosi slaps the face of every woman worldwide by crowing that her success was due to her fortuitous ‘cut in line’ of the established system.

For centuries, women have been slowly and steadily working to improve the condition of their gender. History records the bold actions of only few of these women – the real brunt of change fell on the shoulders of countless anonymous women who quietly labored to raise the credibility of women working in fields that were culturally considered a male domain. These remarkable women boldly entered into male dominated arenas and used their intelligence, talent and tenacity to revolutionize the perception of women working in these fields. This was no easy task, and it was achieved through decades of hard work, skill and determination– none of these women ‘cut in line’ to circumvent the system.

Pelosi’s comment in anticipation of being selected as the first female Speaker of the House, invalidates the hard won achievements of women today and in bygone eras. The contribution of these women, these true feminists, has afforded Pelosi and myself the freedom to pursue an education and career of our own making. Her comment confirms that her desire to become Speaker of the House stems from her own ambition to be the first female Speaker – regardless if she is the most capable person for the job. In past centuries, women broke barriers because they were the best person for the job, and they just happened to be female. . Today, the Speaker of the House, by her own example, encourages women to sidestep ‘the system’ to get what they want.

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