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Free Jamil Gholaiem Hussein

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Curt responds to the New York Times :
For bloggers who believe that the media has been drawing false pictures of mayhem in Iraq, the insistence of the American military and Iraqi officials that the burning incident appeared to be a mere rumor was proof that their suspicions were correct. “Getting the News From the Enemy” was how the Flopping Aces blog (floppingaces.net) tracked the developing face-off between the military and A.P.

Iraq’s interior ministry wielded the article like a bludgeon and used it as an opportunity to create a press monitoring unit that suggested, in no uncertain terms, that reporters in Baghdad should come to its press officers for “real, true news.” A ministry spokesman promised “legal action” — whatever that might mean — against journalists who publish information the agency deemed wrong.

That may seem patently absurd.

Curt nails the NY Times rebuke to the wall with the following remarks:

Now that my friends is called spin. The Iraqi's set up a unit so that the press could be assured that the official spokesmen that these reporters like to quote so much are in fact who they say they are. What's absurd is the notion that this wrong and somehow restricting their freedoms. Is it too much to ask that the media quote REAL police officers?

Yeah, so ludicrous that they still cannot prove to anyone that Capt. Jamil Hussein is a living breathing person because we sure the hell know that he is no police Capt. Is ludicrous that the AP even expects us to swallow this crap. The author of this article fails to note that when the reporters went back they found 3 witnesses, all unnamed. How convenient. It's also convenient that the bodies are already buried. It's convenient that even the family members of the supposed dead can't be found. All they have is 3 unnamed witnesses, 1 witness who recanted, and a imaginary police Captain.

The agenda is to force our MSM to own up to their partisan and biased reporting.....period.


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