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BSG: The Passage

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An accidental contamination of the fleet's food-processing systems leaves it without anything to eat. As tens of thousands of people quickly succumb to starvation, the Galactica's overtaxed pilots must fly multiple back-to-back missions to lead the fleet through a hazardous region of space to a new food source. Meanwhile, Kat's past catches up to her, and D'Anna edges closer to uncovering a dangerous secret of the Cylons.

Official Drink of "The Passage":

White Knight

2 cl Scotch
2 cl coffee liqueur
2 cl Drambuie
2 cl heavy double cream
2 cl milk

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a cocktail glass. Savor the creamy texture of coffee and orange coming through the whiskey.

Drinks and episode discussion to follow....

This episode was 'Water' redux - only this time it is the food supply that has been compromised.

Over on the Cylon basestar - Three is busy resurrecting herself over and over again - to what end, I really don't care.

It's kind of difficult to write this review when I'm rewatching 'UB' yet again..

Listening to 'The Passage' podcast, Ron Moore described a scene with Lee and Kara sitting against a bulkhead between flights bouncing a ball off the opposite bulkhead that was cut..WHY, Ron, WHY?? Also cut was the ending of this episode where Lee walks up behind Kara, she turns around sees Lee, then they hug. Again..WHY, Ron, WHY?? At least there were no excruciatingly painful scenes of Lee/Dee moments of love. Just Dee portraying the lunch monitor from hell :)

Ha..nervous Tigh with his eyepatch. Is Gaeta is looking for a smackdown match in CIC?

So Kara is MIA on yet another mission planning meeting? Out-of-the-box thinking is no longer required?

So, Kat has a past...doesn't everyone in the BSG universe have sordid laundry? BTW - how does Kara know Enzo? Kara confronting Kat...a femslashers wet dream, too bad Kara likes men.

Loved the scene between Adama and Kat..soo emo! I originally thought Hotdog was the one to buy it in this episode, my what a surprise.

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