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Veterans Day ~ Freedom isn't Free

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Have you hugged a Vet today?

There is nothing in this country more precious than Freedom. Our ability to take this gift for granted has been made possible by the sacrifice of the men and women in our armed services.

Wordsmith the blogger-in-chief over at Hammering Sparks from the Anvil has a posted a superb tribute to our veterans. Included in this tribute is a carefully transcribed letter written by a soldier in wartime, writing to his sweetheart back home. For myself, it is a poignant realization that the sentiments expressed in this Vietnam-era letter are reflected in a letter written during this current War on Terror. It seems the commonality between Iraq and Vietnam lies with soldiers from both eras understanding the global issue of their mission.

Taking a cue from Sparky, I submit the following letter written by Capt. Jeff Toczylowski:

Dear friends and family,

If you are getting this email, it means that I have passed away. No, it's not a sick Toz joke, but a letter I wanted to write in case this happened. Please don't be sad for me. It was an honor to serve my country, and I wouldn't change a thing. It was just my time.

Don't ever think that you are defending me by slamming the Global War on Terrorism or the US goals in that war. As far as I am concerned, we can send guys like me to go after them or we can wait for them to come back to us again. I died doing something I believed in and have no regrets except that I couldn't do more.

This will probably be the longest email most of you have ever received from me. More that one of you complained on multiple occasions about my brief emails. I have requested to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery and would like you to attend, but I understand if you can't make it.

There will also be a party in Vegas with a 100k to help pay for travel, room, and a party. I want you to be happy for the time we had, not the future we won't. Never regret not calling, writing enough, keeping in touch, or visiting. I was always away and thought of you all as much, if not more, than you thought of me. Time keeps rolling and so should my family and friends. The only thing I ask is that you toast me every so often, because you know I'll be watching and wanting to be with you. Don't spend any time crying for me, because I'll bet you I am having a ball right now wherever I am.

I will look in on all of you and help whenever I can. I love you all!

Army Capt. Jeffrey P. Toczylowski was killed in action on 11/03/05.

Philadelphia is honoring our Veterans by hosting an AfterDowningStreet/ImpeachBush symposium at the National Constitution Center.

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