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Don't Blame Me....I Voted Republican!

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The 'new day' in Philadelphia was greeted with rain showers for the better part of this day. Perhaps ,a portent of things to come for the Democrats Aside from the rain, Philadelphia did manage to retain its national leadership status in voter fraud.

During my morning commute to work on Nov. 8th, I tuned the radio to Michael Smerconish's radio program and was just in time to catch a liberal caller braying that the Democrat party is the Party most capable to root out al-queda. **SIGH** for the past six years the Dems have claimed that al-queda had nothing to do with Iraq or 9/11. NOW the realize that al-queda is a terrorist threat? Listening to this tool, I felt a sense of relief over this election cycle. I realized that the Dems have replaced unparalleled political leaders and some Republican deadwood (Chafee) with Democrats who have the leadership capabilities equaling those of schmeagle. Can you imagine replacing Gandhi with Gumby? That is exactly what happened during yesterday's election.

This election was no doubt a wake up call for the GOP and their Democrat supporters.

Michelle Malkin exquisitely sums up what was lost and what has prevailed in this election cycle.

The GOP lost. Conservatism prevailed. "San Francisco values" may control the gavels in Congress, but they do not control America. Property rights initiatives limiting eminent domain won big. MCRI, the anti-racial preference measure, passed resoundingly. Congressman Tom Tancredo, the GOP's leading warrior against illegal immigration--opposed by both the open-borders Left and the open-borders White House--won a fifth term handily. Gay marriage bans won approval in 3 states. And as of this writing, the oil tax initiative, Prop. 87--backed by deep-pocketed Hollywood libs, is trailing badly in California. John Kerry's late-campaign troop smear galvanized bloggers and talk radio hosts, but it was not strong enough to overcome wider bipartisan voter doubts about Iraq.

The Dems have won, but not by a clear majority in either the House or the Senate. Coupled with the lack of leadership to act cohesively, and boxed in by the fringe left that will not hesitate to oust any Democratic politician who questions their agenda; the next two years of DNC mismanagement could well resemble a train wreck for the Dems. This new leaner and meaner GOP has the opportunity watch the Dems present their anti-war, anti-taxcut, pro-illegal immigrant agenda to the nation and make sure that it goes nowhere. One of the take-home messages from this election cycle dictates the party voted into the majority must produce tangible results or come 2008 the Party will be replaced.

In 2004, my Democrat contemporaries were faced with a real Tsunami of political change. To cope with the loss, some migrated to Canada, some sought Post Election Stress Therapy, and others lay comatose in bed for days after the election. As a conservative Democrat, I feel no strong need to cut and run as my Democrat peers did in 2004. For the GOP, this IS a New Day for the Party - bring on 2008!

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