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BSG Episode 3.05 : Torn

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As Tigh and Starbuck stir up discontent aboard the Galactica, a new and deadly virus forces the Cylons to take drastic measures to protect the future of their race. Even as Adama risks his life to hold his crew together, Baltar realizes that he must face the irrational wrath of the Cylons alone.

Official Drink for tonight's episode:

Hot Passion

3 cl vodka
3 cl Passoa
9 cl cranberry juice
9 cl fresh orange juice
Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a highball filled with ice. Garnish with a slice of orange and a marachsino cherry.

Drinks and episode discussion to follow....


The hits keep coming in this series. Just when I thought the momentum might be winding down, it gets cranked up a notch.

Baltar and his psychedelic tripping on the Cylon basestar. Is this storyline just an excuse to film Six in a bikini? I'm just not getting into this storyline at all. The reunification of the fleet is a far more interesting story to me.

Lee and his magical tranformation. I have only this commentary:

Wow, Papa Adama layeth down the law on Starbuck and Tigh. I believe that scene was ripped (sort of) from my own rebellious teenage years. Watching the scene unfold, I'm reminded of the time I highlighted my hair an attention-grabbing shade of pink. Dad pulled me aside and laid down the law of the land - scared the hell out of me, but I never highlighted my hair pink again!

I was surprised NOT to see Saul holding a gun to his head at the end of this episode. He is a broken human being at this point in time.

Kara and her new haircut...ouch! Was glad to see her reunite with Kasey (the non-crouton). Now we need to work on Lee divorcing dee.....

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