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BSG Episode 3.05 - Collaborators

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Chief Tyrol's sense of right and wrong is put to the test when he takes part in a secret tribunal that tries and convicts in absentia humans who collaborated with the Cylons on New Caprica — and then secretly executes them for treason. Only Tyrol has the courage to ask the questions everyone fears: What if the tribunal makes a mistake? What if they put an innocent human being to death?

Do you think islamofascists have such a crisis of conscience after murdering kidnapped U.S. soldiers?

Official Drink of Collaborators: I'm in the mood for something French...


1 cl grenadine
1 cl green creme de menthe
1 cl Galliano
1 cl Kummel
1 cl brandy
Pour the grenadine into a shot glass as a base. Over the back of a barspoon, gently add the creme de menthe. Pause, add the Galliano the same way. Pause, add the kummel and, finally, the brandy. Serve carefully and watch your back.
Episode Review:


Another serving of the re-imagined BSG series – only darker and twisted. This isn’t your daddy’s Battlestar.

This episode didn’t move the plot forward, but served as a platform to showcase where the characters are at emotionally. Not surprisingly - They are all FRAKKED UP.

I missed my 30 minute 'previously on Battlestar Galactica' segment – actually, not really.

Baltar is on a naked on a Basestar - and dreaming of Laura kissing him...now that is twisted. Ahem, Baltar – nakedness is a priviledge NOT a right – Keep the robe ON please!

Poor Galactica....looks like she needs a good wash and polish.

Jammer is toast – tried and convicted by a secret vigilante group calling themselves 'The Circle'. It is obvious RDM is playing the 'current event' card here: the abuse of executive power , and also trials without things like habeas corpus. Well, current imagined events as seen through a liberal lens.

It is interesting to watch the fallout between those who stayed behind in the fleet and those who left for New Caprica. Tigh had every right to ball out Gaeta when he showed up in CIC to help with the repairs. It looks as though Adama is going to offer an early retirement package to Saul...soon.

Lee is still fat....I'm with Papa Adama when he advises Lee to keep jumping.

Kara...poor, poor Kara. After everything they've been through and Anders just walks away without a comment? Oh well, after all Sam is not Lee. PS: Kara owes Gaeta a huge apology – Right Frakking Now!

Laura as Prez and Zarek as the VP? That seemed a bit of shoddy writing putting Zarek into the government. I liked him better as the outsider challenging the authority – now he IS the authority. Kind of like a 60's hippie transformation into an 80's yuppie.

Loved the ending of this episode: Tyrol sitting with Gaeta – a quiet show of support for him after his ordeal with the 'circle'.

Next week: Torn – Kara and Lee reconnect - let the fireworks fly!!

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