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BSG episode 3.01 Occupation/Precipice

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This is not your mama's Battlestar....


The Cylons have occupied the human settlement of New Caprica, and it's been three months since the Galactica, the Pegasus, and a handful of ships escaped into deep space. But the fight is not over. On New Caprica, a resistance has begun — and despite having only a handful of untested pilots at his command, Admiral Adama is committed to risking everything on a daring attack to rescue the people he left behind. The Colonials survive on New Caprica under Cylon rule, with some collaborating and others fighting back. D'Anna discovers that the hybrid child has survived.

The official drink for tonight's Season 3 premiere:

Duvet Passion

1 1/2 oz Stoli Persik Vodka
1 oz Grand Marnier
1/4 oz passion fruit juice
1/4 oz simple syrup
splash of Veuve Clicquot

Mix the vodka, Grand Marnier, passion fruit juice and simpe syrup in a shaker. Pour into a martini glass, and fill to the top with the champagne. Garnish with an orchid flower.

Drinks and episode discussion to follow.....spoilerphobes BEWARE!

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