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BSG: 3.03 Exodus

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The Cylons have begun a brutal crackdown on New Caprica's nascent human Resistance movement. With time running out for the colonists, Admiral Adama must launch his rescue attempt earlier than he'd expected. But though he expected a fight from the Cylons, he is unprepared for the one he gets from his son, Lee, who refuses to let the battlestar Pegasus join the Galactica's suicidal attack .

Official Drink of Exodus part one:


4.0 cl White Rum
1.5 cl Green Creme de Menthe
1.5 cl Blue Curacao
2.0 cl Rose's lime cordial
dash Gomme Syrup (simple syrup)

Rub a wedge of lime around the rime of the glass to moisten it. Dip it into a saucer of superfine sugar to crate a frosted rim. Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into chilled cocktail glass.

Episode review to follow:

The 'previously on Battlestar Galactica' review was nearly as long as the episode. The begining of the current episode starts with a flashback...the shape of things to come this season?

This entire episode was a good establishing episode for the rest of the story. I would have enjoyed it better if TPTB aired both episodes in one sitting.

A few observations:

Really didn't need to get a close look at Tigh's empty ocular orifice, or be subjected to the idea of Ellen and Tigh as parents.

Cally is shown escaping from the Cylons in two very different scenarios - a testament to shoddy editing in this episode.

Six laments on what she has given up for Gaius. Baltar reflects on toilet paper and popularity polls - in a dazed, out of touch way. What real life politician could this be a reflection of, I wonder?

Loved Admiral Adama's pep talk - ala- Henry V's St. Crispens Day speech.

FatLee is still....fat.....anxiously awaiting for the day he brings Sexy Back.

Lovely and extremely awkward scene between dualla and Helo. It is reassuring to know that they both feel that Lee is a younger son to them.

Kara bonding with her little crouton, as Leoben looks on - this is getting uglier and uglier.

Anders asking Sharon to help find Kara - I didn't want to, but I'm loving this poor, red-shirted character more and more.

Looking forward to the next installment of the BSG saga.

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