Denenberg: How Terrorists Should Vote, And Why..

If you are a terrorist, you should definitely vote the straight Democratic ticket in the upcoming election. Now, I know that is not politically correct to say, but it does happen to be true virtually beyond contradiction. Just consider the overarching issue of this election and of our times - the war against Islamic/fascist/Nazi/terrorism. There is little doubt that the Democratic Party would not fight a robust, aggressive, successful war against the threat to our country and civilization. Some Democratic leaders, such as John Murtha, have made it clear that they want to cut and run right out of Iraq. They are not alone.

Other Democrats have not been quite as precise in making their recommendations, but they virtually all come down to some variation of cut and run, retreat, surrender, accept defeat, a timetable for withdrawal, or however you want to characterize it. No matter what synonyms are used, the Democratic prescription is one for catastrophe, not only for Iraq, but also for the rest of the world. If terrorists can find a happy hunting ground in Iraq, with its oil, water and other resources, they will destabilize the whole region and pose a threat to the whole world.

We can no longer hide behind our oceans, and be endangered by every fanatic and terrorist with or without a nuclear weapon or other WMDs. Like it or not, 9/11 happened and may happen again and may happen even many times.

The Democrats do not have the stomach for a fight, and their rhetoric encourages our enemies and strengthens their theories, their tactics and their strategies.

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Had Enough? Vote Republican on Nov 7th.

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